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Virginia Beach Tai Chi

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Tai Chi Classes

The fluid and gentle art of Tai Chi is famous for re-charging your life and deepening your level of relaxation. Learn this ancient practice that has been clinically proven to be one of the most effective exercises for de-stressing and improving health.

Chinese Herbal Q & A

Find out what constitutional type you are (Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal) to better understand your character type and to help balance your health. Discover how Chinese Herbal formulas can be unique in targeting your needs and re-harmonize imbalances in the body.

Adult Beginner Kung Fu
Thursday at 9:00am
Saturday at 2:30pm

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM is based on the same essential principles as Tai Chi and is similarly concerned with trying to achieve a state of balance. It is not about finding and treating illness or disease (that is the job of a doctor), but instead it is about finding imbalances in the body and bringing the body back into balance. We will conduct an evaluation and assessment to provide recommendations on which herbs are needed to re-harmonize imbalances in the body. Used for thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine lives up to its holistic reputation for delivering powerful, proven results. Learn More

Along with Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga classes, we supply an exclusive line of high-quality TCM formulas, herbs & teas to help people get well and keep well. A non-drug supplemental approach to nutritionally strengthen and reharmonize the body.

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Stop by and have a complimentary cup of tea, get some information and see our products. We have herbal formulas to balance and strengthen the body, joint health formulas to help with joint pain, weight loss programs to help you manage your weight and over 20 fresh loose leaf and herbal tea blends. We specialize in helping people feel better and get healthier through exercise, herbs and teas.