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Virginia Beach Tai Chi

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About Us

Along with Tai Chi and Qigong, we specialize in the Traditional Chinese five element healing system which is designed to address the underlying imbalances in the body that may cause illness. By identifying these underlying imbalances, we can provide an herbal remedy that will strengthen the body and restore normal function. We carry an exclusive line of Chinese herbal formulas, supplements, and loose-leaf teas to help people get well and keep well. 

Sigung Joe Maury - Started studying the Chinese arts in 1976, Yang style Tai Chi in 1990, and herbalism in 1992.

Sifu Sara Maury - Started studying Japanese arts in 1992 and Chinese arts and herbalism in 1996.

Yang style Tai Chi Chuan was taught to Sigung Joe Maury by Dr. Kay Chi Leung and Master Lin Lin Han, son in law and daughter of the famous Master, Han Ching Tan - Student of Grandmaster Yang Chen Fu.

We are proud to provide Virginia Beach with an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle through exercise, herbs, and teas.