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Try Fitness Qigong and experience for yourself the great impact it can have on your life!

Over 1500 years ago Bodhidharma brought specific movements and meditation practice to the Shaolin Temple. Qigong was among these teachings and is considered to be Kung Fu and Tai Chi's complimentary practice as it helps to enhance and maintain the life force within the body. This practice is useful in helping the practitioner enrich their Kung Fu or Tai Chi practice. It emphasizes breathing through various series of slow movements and a deep focus on aligned postures, Qigong training intensifies the circulation of vital energy. Little by little, deeper breathing releases body tensions and increases internal energy flow through the meridians which in return provides numerous health benefits. Relieving stress and increasing calmness and peace of mind. Qigong’s focus on uniting mind and body, developing speed and sharpness, allows Kung Fu and Tai Chi students to enjoy its benefits. Qigong offers a unique perspective of intensifying inner strength and stamina that are key to providing long term balance in daily life.

Control Your Strength

Any physical activity will boost your health. But if you really want to start getting fit and improving the quality of your life as you age, the combination of Fitness Qigong with Kung Fu or Tai Chi will get you there. You will quickly notice after just a few weeks of consistent workouts, that the exercises are becoming easier and you will start:

  • Having more energy for physical activities
  • Moving more comfortably
  • Having greater endurance
  • Improving joint stability
  • Feeling good about yourself

Fitness Qigong with your Tai Chi training will increase your workout with some resistance training. Fitness Qigong with your Kung Fu training will add deeper breathing which will help relieve your daily stress and anxiety. Start learning training methods to increase your energy and strength as you improve your health, fitness, and vitality.